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- Added a slider to adjust audio speed should audio go faster or slower than video (you could experience this on the long run, like 10 or 20 minutes of playback, depending on your PC performance)
- Bug Fixes
Change Log:

- Bug fixes about curved screen
Change Log:

- Added curved screen and a slider in the UI to control the curvature
- Bug Fixes
- Better performance
- Clenaer audio
- Added a Movie Theater Demo Scene (thanks to Romolas for the Cinema Environment)
IMPORTANT NOTE: This version is a little bit experimental. Should you experience audio going faster or slower than video (offset incrementing with time, not just a fixed offset, which you can correct with the specific button), please let me know.

- Better performance
- Much cleaner audio
UI Gaze control: now UI is gaze controlled. Just look at the yellow button (or its immediate right) to pop it up.
The previous version and solution (based on aiming controllers towards the yellow button) had problems with OpenVR.
Important fix for Audio/Video synchro on the long run

- Code has been completely reviewed for improved performance, cleaner audio, even at higher frame rate videos and ambient light turned on
- The audiosources desynch drift bug has been fixed (in previous version you could hear desynched multiple voices coming from the different audiosources)
- The in-world UI now auto hides: just point your controller toward the yellow button to pop it up. You can drag the UI with the yellow button as usual
- Speakers and audio channels are now automatically set based on the file format and number of channels. You can always swap them by hand through UI shouldn't they be correctly set
- A video looping toggle has been added to the UI
- Audio Offset reset button has been fixed (it didn't work properly)
- Minor bug fixes

As usual, comments are welcome.

Enjoy and do not forget to rate/review ;-)

Major changes:
- Use of HRTF functions for better and realistc 3D spatial audio and reacher audio stage (more info here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Head-related_transfer_function)
IMPORTANT NOTE: HRTFs work properly only with audio encoded at 48KHz (follow the instructions in the plugin overview for a correct encoding)
- Automatic support for all possible video formats: the screen auto-resize according to the video aspect ratio. A rear black panel can be activated from UI to keep a 16/9 aspect ratio with blackbars (useful if you use the screen as a tv panel or a cinema screen)
- Emitted light from the screen according to what is playing on it for higher realism (it's quite resource demanding, use with care). Low other lights to enjoy it. It can be activated from UI.
- Volume attenuation autoadjusts so that the volume never become too low even if you place the speakers far away from the listening spot (like in a cinema environment for exemple), though mantainig attenuation if you move around the listening spot

Minor changes:
- Reset file button (useful if you want to save your scene with no file video ready to play on scene reload)
- Screen size reset button
- Audio/Video offset reset button
- Bug-fixes

If you liked the first release, you'll love this one 😉

Do not forget to review and rate the plugin if you like it.

Comments are welcome. Enjoy!
When loading the demo Scene and the Life plugin applied, the mate changed her position. Now it's fixed.
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