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  1. VaMDeV

    Official Hub Videos Thread

    Hello Everyone! This is where you can find high resolution version of all the rendered banners featured at the top of our webpage. We hope that this inspires you to push Virt-a-Mate to its limits when creating your own scenes. Enjoy!
  2. Christine Young - Pornstar - Retro

    Christine Young - Pornstar - Retro

    Doubt anyone will remember her but I wanted to make her at some point.
  3. T1ffan1 Th13ss3n Actress from SBTB Now Free for all! KarVAM!!!!

    Looks T1ffan1 Th13ss3n Actress from SBTB Now Free for all! KarVAM!!!! 2023-05-13 CC BY-NC

    Hello guys! now we have T1ffan1 Th13ss3n "Valorie" from tv show Saved by the B3ll! Clothes, assets, hair and accessories can be downloaded free from the hub. If you liked her, Please give a THUMBS UP and also RATE IT, it helps a lot. Please consider supporting me on Patreon. Enjoy...
  4. VAM-VHT VAM Virtual Home Theatre

    Plugins VAM-VHT VAM Virtual Home Theatre 11 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    Hi all, I managed to separate the audio channels present in a video file using the Unity built-in videoplayer and to assign each to a different audiosource (the spheres you see in the pictures), mantainig the spatial audio feature. The result is you have "virtual real" audio speakers you can...
  5. NameThemAll


    Showcasing some of my works, some are wip more than others. All lookalikes from pop tv series, movies and games (oh and one IG cosplayer). Almost all of them uses the RenVr amazing skins, any resemblance it's achieved thru morphs (no custom textures except for the skins).
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