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All my VAM tutorials.

Dear community, it is time for me to move on and say goodbye.

Two reasons:
First, I lost the interest in this project, really tried to get it back with some pause, but I did not fire up VAM /VR for months now.
I felt really bad about not providing something to my Patrons and thus, created a lot of personal pressure to myself, because they kindly supported me and payed their pledges, but did not get something back. Therefore I paused payments of my patrons already since last November and continue to do so for March.
Moreover, I am considering to take my Patreon page offline completely, so I shifted most of the Patreon-only content the the Hub today.

Second, my wife and me got a new family member which occupies MUCH time and I will fully focus to the little one for the upcoming months. Not saying I will not come back, maybe when VAM 2.0 is life, but for now I take a looong break.

So farewell, it was a exiting travel during the last almost three years since beginning of 2018!

Full Tutorials Playlist:

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All in one deeper look to all functions with "new" UI (well, it was new but still closer to 1.2x UI than all earlier videos):

Introducing Acidbubbles timeline plugin

Creation and usage of VAR files

Unity Assets an environments tutorial parts one and two
First release
Last update
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Latest reviews

This is cool, and helped me get to grips with the basics a while back.
But gotta be honest, have trouble understanding what is being said.
JLFN you are a legend. Without your work on tutorials we would all be fumbling through this thing. Thanks so much for everything you have done for the community!
I learned all the basics from these tutorials and still revisit them all the time for refreshers on how to do certain things. These were totally invaluable to me as I was learning. Thanks so much and good luck to you. Hope to see you back in the community in the future.
I'm feeling like my most favorite teacher is retiring...
Thanks for all man, my 1st steps with VaM would have been totally different without you!
All the best for your new dad's life!
Really good tutorials!
Bless you man! These are so valuable. You will be missed. Best of luck and hope to see you back for the next generation!
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