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TRON inspired High Ponytail

Hairstyles TRON inspired High Ponytail 2

Female: https://www.mediafire.com/file/z62e8gecvaezno7/SupaRioAmateur.Tron_Inspired_High_Ponytail.1.var/file
Male: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jfplx...r.Tron_Inspired_High_Ponytail_Male.1.var/file

Not trying to recreate the og, just really want a good high ponytail for VAM.
1 base, 1 bun, 2 ponytails, 4 sides, 4 bangs. Enjoy!

Added a new better Bun, 4 long long tails and 2 short ones. Most of them has one extra different style preset. Now you can make an Asian like hairstyle, or just watch that long long curl hair flying over her skin. This is an update package, please download the previous one if you don't have it yet. Overwrite when asked.

Forgot to mention, dont put too many hair piece on the person, FPS dropping severely. Preset only for show.

Latest Tron Ponytail Preset, download in attachment, (VAM-Root\Custom\Atom\Person\Hair)
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