Plugins ToySerialController+VAMLaunch 2022-01-18

* The default config is now loaded 10 updates after loading has completed to always be applied after stored session plugin preferences as it could override the saved default config in the plugin sometimes.
* Added a few presets intended for Launch devices.
* Added a new setting to control the Velocity Smoothing Steps used during prediction calculations. Default it takes the top 3 highest recorded velocities since the last prediction. You can reduce it down to 1 as it will use the highest velocity recorded. You may get slightly varying results depending on your DPS. Lower values here should in general result in slightly faster movement depending on the animation. The smoothing is intended to surpress any velocity spikes which can cause sudden fast output movement in some animations. Don't expect too much from this setting.

* The Animation Pattern motion source now aligns the target and source with the Animation Parent rotation to produce expected results.
Don't forget to update your session plugins. You can also delete the older versions from your addonpackages folder.

* New way of predicting strokes to drastically reduce missed strokes when speed changes.

This new approach uses the current stroke's min/max apex axis input values to analyze when to predict the next stroke (it's not time or speed dependent like the old way).
Example: If the current stroke's axis input value is from (min) 20 to (max) 80, there's an axis input range/travel distance of 60. Once the next strokes travel distance is past a certain threshold it will predict the next stroke. By default the threshold is set to 50% of the current axis range. For an axis input range of 60 it would be when the next stroke has traveled 30 from the current apex (50% of 60 is 30). Analyzing distance traveled has the benefit of not being dependent on speed which makes it very robust when predicting strokes even when speed changes from fast to slow and slow to fast.


(see plugin overview page for settings)

This new prediction works on top of the current timing based prediction where a certain amount of time needs to pass (where the time was directly based on the speed, which caused moderate speed changes to miss strokes). Whichever feature that first activates the next prediction will trigger it. This new feature renders the old prediction one pretty much obsolete.

There are still a few situations where a missed stroke will happen but that requires both speed and magnitude of the stroke to change at the same time (in certain ways) beyond your set threshold % values and timing values. I rarely encountered an animation where this happens and when it does it only miss one stroke before resuming.

* New option to include females in male targets - this is intended for lesbian scenes. It works best when one female strokes the other with the hand. Depending on the scene and stroke angles, this might work or not. It's kinda underdeveloped and I abandoned this feature. It works good enough but not for all scenes. Play around with it if you want. You can just add an invisible dildo and use that as a motion point instead.

* Grouped similar options together in collapsable/expandable groups to reduce clutter.

* Updated the overview page to reflect v.7 of this plugin and all settings.
* Improvements to the auto target detection and bug fixes. -- Sometimes the old auto target detection would fail to swap target points (e.g. hand to mouth) when one stopped moving but remained inside the reference zone.
* Added a "Minimum Axis Input Before Predicting Movement" slider which allows you to adjust the minimum distance the axis input needs to move before predicting a new movement with the launch. -- Some animations have very subtle movements where this could be useful to decrease (but at the cost of prediction accuracy for faster moving animations).
* The chest (extended) target point isn't as agressive from perpendicular angles now (before input could be registered even when the reference point was far away and not near the chest).
* Some tweaks when person's "on" state is toggled in scenes to prevent crashes.
* Added a new feature to move the launch to current input axis value if no movement has been detected for a certain amount of time. This is default active with a time of 1 second. -- If all movement stops but the target point remains in the reference zone the launch will move to the current idle position of the target point. (e.g. move to a hand idle somewhere along the shaft).
* Changed how Auto Target Points are calculated. It's now based on a score which is determined by the motion relative to the reference/male. If there are multiple valid target points, like a hand and a mouth, the one with the most motion will be selected. Also tweaked some other things. The Auto Target option now produce better results than before.
* Fixed an exception if a person atom in the scene wasn't enabled.

Don't forget to update your session plugin when you download a new version!
Important fix - ToySerialController+VAMLaunch (update) v.3

* Fixed a problem introduced in the last update (related to the 5 units minimum distance to move before predicting a stroke) where strokes at certain speeds could unintentionally be delayed to 0.4 seconds depending on plugin settings. For fast moving scenes where strokes were faster than 0.4 seconds this means strokes could be omitted entirely :(
* Update the plugin to version 3 for a much better experience! Version 2 is kinda bad! Sorry!

* As I use this plugin myself I also keep testing it. I will keep release updates if I find anything else that's broken.
I have noticed a few handful animations where the Auto Target Point isn't working as good as I want, where it swaps target when it doesn't suit *some* animations. I have a few ideas on how to improve the Auto Target but for the time being it is working good enough (as intended).
ToySerialController+VAMLaunch (update) v.2

* You can now include males in female targets for motion sources with females. See options under "Motion Source". You can now have two males interacting with this plugin. After toggling the option, you might have to press "Refresh".
* You can now have a fixed penis reference length for males. See options under "Motion Source". Some animations animate the penis tip, causing the length to vary up to 10% (as the ToySerialController uses the collision models to calculate the length) causing the input to jitter which could cause faulty predictions.
* The axis input must now move at least 5 units before the device predicts another movement. This improves speed prediciton and reduces faulty predictions when input is still/moving super slow in animations.
* Slightly moved the penis start reference position backwards (into the male) to improve prediciton in animations moving the female hips/pelvis as close to the male as possible.
* Some other minor tweaks.
* Don't forget to update your session plugin preferences to use the new version!
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