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Aug 4, 2021
No this isn't a dress up scene, I swear.

As you might have noticed I started updating my older scenes but when I came to Toy Determination I was surprised about how bad the whole scene was. Nothing was really working as it should and the lighting was a nice idea but kind of bad also. So when I tried making it all work I realized that it would take more time than I first anticipated and said fuck it, make it a complete remake and a full release.

I might have gone overboard with all the different clothing options for this one but on the other hand I thought all of them looked really good on her so customize away! Ideas for improving the UI would also be greatly appreciated, I feel like it's getting more an more convoluted with every new scene.

Creditos mis Amigos:

Roac - Summer
Roac - Modular hairs
Roac - Leo

Spacedog - Import Reloaded Lite
kemenate - Morphs
Jackaroo - JarModularExpressions
MacGruber - Life


hazmhox - VAMMoan
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