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Var Checkup Software

This software is a freeware, and an auxiliary tool for VaM game. Does not bear responsibility for possible game or files damage. If you do not agree with this, please do not use this software!

Var Checkup Functions:
Browse VAR files in selected directory.
Find duplicate VAR files quickly.
View content of selected VAR.
Check dependencies for selected VAR.
Delete selected File(s).
Backup selected File(s).

1 This software is an independent tool for browsing VAR, NOT a plug-in! Do not unzip into the VaM game directory.
2 The software does not limit browsing the Addonpackages directory, you can browse any directory containing vars.

20220910 Update
1 Add sort method: var list can be sorted by name and time.
2 Fix some bugs.

1 Extract RAR to any directory you like;
2 Install the 7-zip software, If not yet installed. (This VarCheckUp software uses 7-Zip to process compressed packages)

Run VarCheckUp.exe in your extracted directory.
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    virsion 20220910 Update 1 Add sort method: var list can be sorted by name and time. 2...
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Latest reviews

Excellent tool, really many thanks for making it <3
This tool is pure time saver, wouldn't thank you enough for it
This is a great tool in general, but I don't know why after I checked some VAR, those images don't show up...I am sure I have installed 7zip, and the function can only use for the first 10 or 20 VARs.
THX,bro,Is it possible to add a function to quickly select duplicate files
Excellent tool! FYI - If you don't see the contents of the var in the right window pane, then you're probably missing 7-zip.
Thank you for this <3
Super useful when checking content in .var files while managing your installation.
You're my life saver!!!
Very good and useful tool! thank you for this! :)

hope to see more useful tools!
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