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Tip to Share Assets/Folders Between Versions of Vam

Guides Tip to Share Assets/Folders Between Versions of Vam


/u/chokaphi on Reddit gave out a GUI solution to this:
That makes it as simple as right click a folder, drag and drop where you want the link to be.

Just for folks dont know. We can create Windows hard link pointing to a directory, hence sharing Custom and Saves between 1.18 and 1.19. See more at HowToGeek article about Windows Hard link and Symbolic Link.


  • Copy paste the old version out without Saves and Custom
  • Run new version Vam_Updater.exe
  • Run CMD using windows menu or Win+R type in cmd
  • Navigate to new VAM directory, if you have difficulty, here is a cheat sheet
  • Run mklink /J Saves H:\VAM-Old\Saves and mklink /J Custom H:\VAM-Old\Custom
VAM will treat old Custom and Saves folders as the same one under its hood
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