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The Twins from Atomic heart

Looks The Twins from Atomic heart 3.0

Hello everyone !!

Time for another Character Release.

This time i thought it would be fun to recreate the Twins from Atomic Heart for VAM.

Took me about a week to put together and they look pretty close to the source material.

This was pretty fun to recreate ill be honest.

I also created a environment based on the Games trailer to go with the Characters.

Preview Image below:


Note: Mask and hair is a asset so that the mask keeps its shape.

Also comes with Two Clothing items.

A Leotard and a Golden Top.

Cya in the next release.

Cheers ^^
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4.88 star(s) 8 ratings

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Latest reviews

Thanks for sharing. Who doesnt love robot love!!!
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the update deserves 5 stars of it's own
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good look! so hot!
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Bro went on a any % speedrun
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You are the best when it comes to bringing these hot robots haha, Haydee, Assaultron, now Twins...what can I say, awsome stuff.

Background is quite convincing too , looks just like from that game, love it.This is really spot on especially considering it's made from scracth and it's no game rip. Only improvement or update I could think of would be maybe , making the textures feel more metallic, by making them reflective somehow? Making the skin and helmet CUA reflective would sell the idea even more.Anyhow, thank you!
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This is quite the work of ART! I will need to look at what else you have done. I like that if I increase the size to about 1.42, that mask is completely off. A lot of interesting things can be done with skin color, clothes, etc. I have seen people make like horse people and weird stuff, that just looks weird. But I think with you textures, and skill, some cool works of art could be made of some interesting morphed people. Thanks for the upload. I believe VAM is an art platform first, then an adult playground. If it does not look good, I probably will not like what ever else is going on.
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awesome work!
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Given that this was made from scratch, without access to the game (which isn't even out yet) this is a great recreation of the robot twins! The outfit is broken down into individual parts (jacket and leotard), and the mask uses multiVAMifier, which allows for customization of the hair, star, and faceplate individually.

The scene that's included with them is also very in line with the aesthetic of the source material, and uses a mix of custom unity assets along with built-in VAM props.

What I don't care for in this look are visible texture seams along the jacket and thighs, along with a lack of volume on the hair piece of the mask itself. These are really just finer details though, and routine use doesn't make the issues stand out to the point I'd take a star off this rating. Even without the individual details, the metal texture Tanklover made here with panel lines and markings is a great base for customized robot looks of your own.

All in all, fine work and I look forward to more!
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I downloaded this for research purpose. I'll tell you, this thick metallic booty and rock hard mixed together quite well. Awesome job.
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