The Locker Room

Scenes The Locker Room 2

I have some new animations in the works that I'm nearly happy with so there should be something new coming soon.


A brief update to the original version. Hopefully the bug with the locker room asset not loading should be fixed now. Please let me know if it still occurs for you.
- The buttons for the camera have now been replaced with UI buttons which interact with the tablet a bit better and are easier to use. This also means the cube is now gone.
- The tablet has been made bigger. I considered adding a slider to adjust the size however that would involve reworking how the camera buttons are in the scene which I quite like as is but its something that could definitely change in future.
- Audio has been added using Hazmhox's excellent VamMoan plugin. For this I've also added a Volume slider.
- Some minor animation tweaks have been made, also after the intro scene the animations will play automatically, no extra play button is needed so its been removed.
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