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The scene is a series of progressing subscenes using Timeline, there are multiple camera's you can use to watch the action from a few different angles. This is mostly a prototype release as I wanted to see what the community felt about it before continuing. At the moment there is an intro + 6 more scenes.

Place the VAR in your Addon Packages Folder. You can use the hub to scan for missing dependencies.
The scene buttons will have a particle effect to show when the animation has finished so you know when to move on without missing anything.
After the intro scene use the play button to start the animations for each subscene.
The buttons on the tablet can be used to switch camera. There is a cube for pressing the buttons in non-vr mode.

Please note that there appears to be a problem with the site downloading the latest version of the locker room asset. For the moment don't download that file from the dependencies tab, either use the Hub integration in VAM or go onto the history tab and download version 1.11 there (


Griff011709 - Spy Cam and Tablet (Avaliable here:
AshAuryn - Expression Morphs
Abubu Nownanka - The Locker Room
Hunting Succubus - Eye Stuff
AcidBubbles - Timeline
Rernat - Piercings
SupaRioAmateur - Earrings
TGC - Tattoos
DJ - Nailpolish
XStatic - Particle Effects
Roac - Hairs
PetaZwega - Justine Look
Hazmhox - VAMMoan

Known Issues:
The second model loads infront of Camera 1 when loading scene 3
The locker room asset doesn't seem to load. (Fixed!)
(If you have any suggestions for solutions please get in touch!)
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