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Syrinx, the Dryad - Bark Skin Version

Looks Syrinx, the Dryad - Bark Skin Version 2

See Syrinx's true form, as a dryad of the forest! Her 8K textures have been "upgraded" to represent her younger days, before she learned to manifest with only human skin. This one was a doozy!

She comes in the simple scene below and as an appearance preset. Pubes are removable (decals under hair piece).

C'mon in! GIF of me getting nailed by a werewolf at the bottom!
Desktop Screenshot 2023.05.22 -

Custom hair, as wild as she is. Even her smile comes with a bit of a wolf snarl built in...
Desktop Screenshot 2023.05.07 -
Desktop Screenshot 2023.05.10 -

Please note that her bark doesn't look quite as good in VR (at least to me) as in 2D, I'm guessing stereoscopic vision defeats the normal map's depth effect somewhat.

Character screenshots without any post-processing (LUT or DOF) below.
Desktop Screenshot 2023.05.06 -
Desktop Screenshot 2023.05.06 -

The bark by itself (slightly older version):
Desktop Screenshot 2023.05.02 -

Desktop Screenshot 2023.05.04 -
Desktop Screenshot 2023.05.05 -

Like her? Want a lil more?

I've got two animated scenes and a STEAMING hot 18-pic photoset for my supporters!
See: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/dashka-and-syrinx.34589/


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Latest updates

  1. Updated to FREE!

    She's out of Early Access, tweaked, and with BY-NC frills added!

Latest reviews

incredible production quality! love the theme!
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It breaks my heart to see that this has been up for two months and has no reviews yet. Sy, your work is always so detailed. I really like this dryad girl, she's beautiful!!!

It's clear you spent a lot of time on her details; she's really lovely, and the detail of her bark skin is really special. Her pubes look like moss!! hahahaha.

Thank you for sharing her. <3 Your work is always amazing.
Thanks, Rainey!! I understand that she might be a little niche for many. =) Thanks for the kind words - you're the best!! ❤️
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