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Syrinx the Dryad, Bare Skin Version - 8K Textures

Looks Syrinx the Dryad, Bare Skin Version - 8K Textures 3

Hi everyone! Meet Syrinx, a dryad (wood nymph) from Greek mythology, and my creator name namesake.

She likes long walks in the woods, watching Netflix in bed, well-drained soil, and full sun to partial shade.
She's a bit slow to smile, but once she gets comfortable, she'll really grow on you - day and night!!

Desktop Screenshot 2023.04.25 -

She has a hand-sculpted morph and a fully original skin texture in 8K resolution (click thumbnails below for closeups).

Desktop Screenshot 2023.04.26 -

Desktop Screenshot 2023.04.26 - Screenshot 2023.04.26 - Screenshot 2023.04.28 - Screenshot 2023.04.26 - Screenshot 2023.05.10 -

but wait... there's more!!

When Syrinx was first born, she had to separate her human shape from her tree, but then it took a while to lose all her bark! Check out her "bark skin" version here.

Desktop Screenshot 2023.05.04 -
Desktop Screenshot 2023.05.07 -

Desktop Screenshot 2023.05.10 -

Thanks for looking!! ❤💕
  • Desktop Screenshot 2023.04.25 -
    Desktop Screenshot 2023.04.25 -
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  1. Tweaked skin and morphs, now out of Early Access!

    Morph is tweaked; nostrils are now 90% less glowy! Converted textures from PNG instead to JPG...

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