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SuperShot Studio

Scenes SuperShot Studio 7


**NOTE: the walls are configured so that no character shadows show up on them to ensure you get a nice clean crisp image straight on. This won't affect the visibility of any nodes, however if you take manual shots with SuperShot you may notice that the preview border is hidden or partially hidden, depending on what part of the image is covered by a wall. It won't cause any issues but I wanted to include the information in case it confused anyone.**

SuperShot Studio.png

Added Cinematic 360 mode! Now you can capture video of your looks with full 360 degree coverage! Watch the sample video for an example of what it looks like featuring my June Bikini contest model, Priss!

Features menu with multiple poses, viewpoint buttons, wall options, and expressions

Make sure you have SuperShot loaded as a Session Plugin and use the screenshot below if you don't know how to take automated images with it.
2023-05-23 20_42_43-Zoomit Zoom Window.jpg

Portrait mode is used in the previous screenshot, but this will work with all ratios and both orientations.

There are 4 modes for the walls:

All On

Sides Only

Front/Back Only

All Off

There are a total of 5 poses built-in:

This also includes three separated subscenes that you can add to any scene that you want. These are split into the four light rig, the walls, and the SuperShot atoms. Make sure you place the subscene(s) at the default location of your person atom's control node.

Spawnpoint has been added to each of the SuperShot atoms to make editing easier. The best way to get the shots in the place you want is to use "spawn now" then parent that SuperShot atom to [CameraRig]>CenterEye. Then just move into the view that you want and unparent the SuperShot atom.

For shorter looks, you can move the person atom up to a better height to frame them in. The floor is parented and will move up with them.

Example of the 10 shots this scene takes below:

Includes dummy person atom in the default open arms pose.

I hope you enjoy this scene. I spend a good bit of time on my releases and, while all of my content will always be free, I do have a Patreon if you would like to tip me for the work that I do. It's not required for downloading any of my content, but there are a few perks like my Discord server, some behind the scenes stuff, and early previews of scenes and looks that I'm working on.

If you're in a comfortable enough financial situation, it would be great to have you!

Enjoy! 🤘
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Latest updates

  1. Version 7 Update

    Changes/fixes: Adjusted spawnpoint angles for better model coverage Added Cinematic 360 mode...
  2. Version 6 Fix

    Fixed finger morphs that were included in expressions
  3. Version 5 Fix

    Fixed issue with expression buttons also resetting appearance morphs. Sorry about that!

Latest reviews

I'm so mad at myself that I haven't reviewed this yet - this is one of my go-to scenes to open when I want to take photos of my models!! Thank you so much for setting this up, and explaining stuff to me when I ran into trouble. You're the best!!! <3
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Ugh I've been looking for something like this for so long! Thank you so much for sharing! <3
You're very welcome!
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This is brilliant! Perfect for making screenshots and save images of the models!
I'm glad you like it, tyrien! Thanks so much for the great review!
Upvote 0
Great showcase scene!
Thank you very much! I appreciate the review!
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Very nice! I will definitely be using this to showcase my models! love your work!
Thanks very much for the kind words! I love your work too <3
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