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Steam Room & Pinup Poses

Assets Steam Room & Pinup Poses 1

Important Note:

Pixel light count 4 for better lighting but if the performance bad, reduce light count, also turn off mirror surface in setting.

What's included: Assets, poses, morphs and one scene, listed below

21 Poses Screenshot album and video recording preview at



I am still pretty bad at facial expressions, but I like those pose I have added. Xd

Importing an awesome free asset from Sauna Room by Alibama.

Learnt a lot about unity assets, shaders and lighting.

Checkout how it looks in preview.

Baked light has deeper and better ambient occlusion but introducing some color artifact and unwanted shadows.

Edited or Added below:

  • Baked Lighting for Alibama Version and Supa Rework Version
  • WallOnly Version and 20 props items for creating your own scene
  • Backface delete version for none blocking view to help create scene
  • Steam Room heater(Og asset from Sketchup)
  • Water Bucket & Ladles created by me using Alibama's wood texture
  • Water Shader from VRwatershader2, free from Unity Asset Store, simply amazing
  • Glass Shader from Lux – Physically Based Shader Framework
  • Steam and fire from Unity Standard Asset, Steam audio from Sidneyturner
  • 21 poses for pin up, previews are in the album

Minor Update on Rio:

  • Smoothed out crotch area(Rio 24K Body Shape) for better legs bending poses
  • Smoothed out shoulder area(Rio 24K Body Shape) for better arms bending poses
  • Added 3 Armpit Details morphs, some may like it, its not all that necessary
  • Added 2 Forearm Muscles Details morphs, additional details for forearms
  • Added 1 Shoulders Move Inside to help with the dislocated shoulders when raising arm

VAM Credits:

First release
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Excelent asset and pose bundle. got it a while ago. Recommend
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