Solveig by Lumi

Looks Solveig by Lumi 2.0

A custom Norwegian appearance preset... revamped.

This new version is a total revamp of the previous look I uploaded back in April. I have redone the entire face and did a lot of fine-tuning to make it seem more realistic. The muscular definition from the initial version is now removed and is now more reasonably toned. Hope you guys enjoy and also, let me know if you run into any issues. This package is uploaded under the CC BY-NC license. Please notify me if you plan to use this look in any paid content.

Solveig Promo 01.png
Solveig Promo 02.png
Solveig Promo 03.png

Screenshots taken in 4K with MacGruber's amazing SuperShot plugin. Clothing shown in promo images are NOT included with this look (except the beauty mark by SupaRioAmateur).


ddaamm for the Short Hair 8 hairstyle.
SupaRioAmateur for the beauty mark overlay.
RenVR for the Barbie and Gigi skin texture sets.

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  1. Big update!

    Total revamp of the previous version I uploaded back in April.

Latest reviews

Is there an actress you used as a reference to create this woman?
Too beautiful !!!
Thank you very much! There was no actress I used as a reference. I just tried to refine this look from the previous version I had.
great one, Luminestrial, thanks!
She takes my breath away!!!
She kind of gives me Ada Wong vibe
Never noticed that before. I can kind of see the resemblance now after looking at her again!
Very nice!
Thank you!
I love these big tall muscular women. Keep up the great work!
i would appreciate to use normal size girls no need for big tall mascular ones !
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