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Sobekka, Mother of the Nile

Paid Looks Sobekka, Mother of the Nile

Desktop Screenshot 2024.01.10 -

Sobekka is the Mother of the Nile, the lifeblood of Egypt, and a goddess of many things. For centuries, she has worshipped in homes and temples across Egypt by both soldiers and peaceful families, like yours, for either her ferocity or for her essence of fertility. But despite your piety, you never imagined that she would appear before you like this, a mirage over the desert solidified into fang, and scale, and bouncing flesh...
The figure's golden accoutrements seem to be glowing, the way they reflect the summer sun. The ferocious visage regards you with a gleaming godly eye, then she raises her hands. As a bringer of both life and death, she is offering you a choice: The Khopesh, for reaping souls to send to the afterworld; or the Ankh, glowing with the life-giving power of the divine sun. You fling yourself to the ground in supplication, arms forward and forehead in the dust, exuding devotion even as you feel yourself swell with desire.

"I plead, give me life, O Sobekka-Ra!" you cry out in passion, tears streaming down your face as you chant the holy prayer you have been reciting for your whole life. "Praise to the holiest, Mother of the Sun, She Who Grooled a River! Thy hunger is brutal, and thy generosity is ever-flowing! I entreat thy divine bosom! Bequeath upon me that which I deserve, O holy Mother, but may my punishments and blessings be of the loin and not the fang!"

Bekka grins (or is that just her face?) and gestures, and her sword transforms into a linen bandage that snakes through the air and wraps around her snout. She has muzzled herself, for your comfort - she will not eat your soul. You quake with joy and relief. You have worshipped well enough, your prayer will be answered, and the Goddess's bounteous gift of fertility is about to be yours.

She turns then, her muscled tail angling skyward, and you realize how you are meant to claim your boon...
Desktop Screenshot 2024.01.10 -

This one was another doozy! Lots of frills and stuff to gussy Bekka up, many of them custom made just for her. I'm getting a bit more comfortable with both clothing and CUA creation, a huge personal step for me, so I worked hard to take advantage of it.

Comes with:
  • Static scene with Sobekka, Goddess of MILFer
  • 4 clothing pieces: Bracelets, back piece, snout bandage, and broad collar
  • 6 custom Unity assets: Khopesh, ankh, hair, crown, tail, and leopard.
  • Presets for General, Appearance, Morph, and Clothing, and a CUA preset for adding her tail in other scenes.
  • A ColliderEditor preset (in the VAR at \Saves\PluginData\ColliderEditor\)
Desktop Screenshot 2024.01.10 -
Head asset details

Features, usage notes and limitations:
  • Her mouth isn't meant to open. Sorry. This is still a G2F model!
  • She's a big gal. I'll update later with a slimmed down morph option, but right now you'll have a lot of trouble trying to load her into scenes made for the base G2F figure.
  • Her tail will need to be re-parented on load, I'm not sure why (CUA Controller issue, I believe?). Parent it to her Pelvis node (not Pelvis Controller) for best results.
  • If you try to use a Superglue session plugin, it requires turning off CUA physics, which breaks the tail. Works great for the crown and hair pieces, though.
  • Her tail physics is weird. I thought I improved it from Mystique's, but it seems to be worse. I'll be playing with that and updating soon.
  • I also plan on making her a new hair piece, a large "dread bundle" that will act almost like a tail itself. This could be coming later.
  • She has a boob morph rigged to help them hang. None of the screenshots have "helper morphs", her boobs are just hanging down like that naturally.

Desktop Screenshot 2024.01.10 -

Khopesh by Kayozz (CC-BY on Sketchfab), ported by THNL.
Ankh by Andres Piroso (CC-BY on Sketchfab), ported by THNL.
Leopard by Opiats (CC-BY on Sketchfab), ported by THNL.
Bracelets by Bitbom (CC-BY on Sketchfab), ported by Syrinxo.

All other assets and clothing are original, made by Syrinxo.

Special thanks to THNL883 for sharing his thematic assets!! Thanks to Mopedlampe and Jackaroo for their help with the project, and DyingInsideLolz for his creative input and ineffable enthusiasm.
Thanks to CsDigital, ParticlePinnacle, TToby, Tenstrip for extra genital morphs.
None of it would be possible without plugins by Stopper, MacGruber, rernat, AcidBubbles, and Blazedust.
And MeshedVR!
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