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It's the erotic themepark ride that your wife forbade you to go on.
Caution: PoV mode may cause motion sickness in VR!

Click the buttons to start the animation. Recommended FoV of 60 degrees for desktop. Hold down the right mouse button to manually rotate the camera during the ride.
The first run may stutter a bit as it's caching specular/gloss textures that are swapped during the ride.

Plugins: Acidbubbles - Timeline Embody ColliderEditor
Skins: RenVR - Lexi & Gabrielle, VAMJFD - FullMouthTexturePack
'Clothing': Regulus Fen - Futa_Catsuit, 50shades - 50s_cumTongueDripping, Skippy - Skippys_CumClothing, Hunting-Succubus - Enhanced_Eyes
Morphs: Eosin - HandWristArmMorphs, Spacedog - Eyes_Reloaded-Lite
Hair: Kemenate - Male_Beard Male_Hairstyles
Sounds: built in and various from




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Latest reviews

please make more giantess scenes!
I've never seen anything like it. I was so excited to be the first to lick my body. The idea is great too! The best!
Cannot express how incredible this is. I wish I could show this to people because it is, truly and honestly, a masterpiece of kink. New gold standard of VR GTS.
Nice skin coaster!
Always open for more Giantess and size difference stuff!
One of the most creative and imaginative scenes I've ever watched. A fantasy brought to life. Well done!
One of the coolest, most original scenes I’ve seen in VAM. My only suggestion would be to feature the parts we care about more. Theres an awful lot of sliding down legs and backs in this and some real missed opportunities.
This is really well made! I hope you continue to make interesting size scenes like this!
I have to tell you, more than anyone else you're really pushing the envelope of what's possible in vam and have quickly become one of the few can't miss creators on here. Great stuff!
awesome work. But when I tried to change the look of the girls, the size and location also changed. I locked almost all the preset. Can you let me know how we can change the girls look and keep everything else the same?
Loading appearances won't work because of the size difference. The Timeline plugin loads specific morph presets and skin presets throughout the track. You'd have to manually set every trigger that loads them to reference your preferred Morph and Skin presets. (This will take some work! and knowledge of the plugin)
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