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Far beyond the highest mountain peaks, buried between snow and ice, lie the remnants of an ancient people - the very first beings that came from the north.
Yet their once glorious empire has long since faded into oblivion... even their own name has been lost to time. So now they are only known by all as Snow Elves.
These secluded and nomadic people rarely make contact with outsiders. Although all know the legend of the beautiful Skadi - the Winter Queen.

I made a basic version of this look already ages ago, but now I decided to give it a new try and add a few customized textures to it.
Loosely based on the Falmer from The Elder Scrolls, with a bit of White Walker... and a certain witch from FromSoft's new masterpiece Elden Ring.
The .var is pretty big this time with almost 150 MB due to the textures. I've made a custom decal that's supposed to look like a layer of frost on the skin.
You can just remove the decal or experiment with the skin material sliders if you think it is too much.


Included is a remixed version of Damarmau's Moonscene, to make it look like a glacier environment. Turned out pretty cool... sorry, I just had to.
There is a skin preset for her blue skin as well as a normal, light skin version which uses RenVR's normal Kayla textures, if you prefer vanilla to blueberry icecream.


She might look a bit different (less blue) depending on the lighting of the scene. This is what she looks like in the default VaM scene, without any post effects:


RenVR for the original Kayla textures
MonsterShinkai for genital decal textures
Damarmau for the Moonscene environment
TheOriginalBatatis for Universe Skyboxes
Mowangdenixi for Snow clothing
Hunting-Succubus for Enhanced Eyes
kemenate for female body hair
MacGruber for Life and PostMagic
NoStage3 for hairstyle
xStatic for Fog particles
hazmhox for snow particles

Anyone I forgot!

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