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Realistic Foreskin & Erection Simulation (Plugins)

Plugins Realistic Foreskin & Erection Simulation (Plugins)

- Order of plugins in presets changed to avoid issues with loading sequence and lost triggers
- Code optimisations for fps improvements (close plugin UI and disable debug mode)
- Added a third preset: VAMMoan interactive mode preselected

Thanks for the feedback and bugreportings!
- This update brings a closer integration of important plugins to complete the experience: Hazmhox's VAMMoan & Fluids101 for moaning and spray sequences at orgasm, and Chokaphi's DecalMaker for realistic penis decals. With the new presets, these plugins and corresponding settings can be loaded with one click.
- A new trigger system in the Realistic Erection plugin allows for setting up to five trigger points during orgasm (Start, 3x ejaculation, end). This can be used to define individual spray sequences, using cloth cum strings, or anyting else that accepts VAM trigger actions. If this sounds to complicated, use the new plugin presets - they already offer a standard fluid confic that looks pretty good.
- The new plugin presets allow for loading a default spray sequence, default parameters for fluid properties, moans & penis decals with one click. To load one of the new presets, the male person atom must first be named 'Person' to get working default spray sequence triggers. Then go to the 'Plugin Presets' tab, check 'Merge Load' and select the preset .vap file in /Custom/Atom/Person/Plugins. These presets are available:
  1. 'Preset_RunRudolf_RealisticErection_Full': Loads Hazmhox's VAMMoan, Fluids101 & Chokaphi's DecalMaker plugins (if available) with settings for moans, fluids and penis skin decals (Jackaroo's Hoodie morphs).
  2. 'Preset_RunRudolf_RealisticErection_FluidsOnly': Load Hazmhox's Fluids101 with default spray sequence and fluid properties only.
As always, help texts in the UI have been adapted.
Let me know how this works for your scenes, and enjoy.

Lots of the code for the trigger system have been copied from Hazmhox's VAMMoan plugin. As always, I would not have been able to do this without learning from existing code. Thank you.
The plugins from Hazmhox (VAMMoan, Fluids101) and Chokaphi (DecalMaker) are not modified or included in this package, but referenced and default settings provided with the presets. Thanks to the creators of these great plugins!

- Clear differentiation in 'Interactive' mode (works with VAMMoan in interactive mode for VR interaction and physics-based timeline animations, see demo scene 2) and 'Scripting' mode (triggering for full control over erection, orgasm, and moans, see demo scene 1). Most scenes use VAMMoan in 'Manual' mode for full control and Realistic Erection now better supports this. 'Erection Level' 99% is fully erect, 100% is orgasm with more throbbing.
- More pronounced throbbing at orgasm (can be adjusted with 'Throbbing Factor'. Slightly random, reduced throbbing is present at higher erection levels too.
- Updated demo scene 1: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/realistic-foreskin-erection-demo-scene-1-trigger-control.47041/)
- New penis tip collider for better distance calculation (Gen3b instead of Gen3, which is much closer to the tip)
- Auto retract mode to test your morphs
- UI and help improvements
- Now includes extended manual controls with triggers via VAMMoan which effect erection. Demo scene at https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/realistic-foreskin-erection-demo-scene.47041/ to learn which parameters must be triggered
- New throbbing effect at high erection levels and orgasm (configurable)
- Freeze mode now works

- The plugin is now integrated via .cslist
- Upon loading, the plugin now saves current morphs/joint springs and restores them when disabled or removed
- Additional morph for scrotum shape
- Improved relaxed foreskin behaviour (retraction based on erection)
- Bugfixes


Let me know in the discussion what else would be nice to have!
- New: Foreskin now reaches a relaxed state when untouched or when erection occurs. The relaxed state depends on the erection level based on the 'Realistic Erection' plugin (if setup in parallel). The Foreskin can still be moved all the way if touched. Both plugins have been updated to support this.
- Also: Enjoy the extended, new demo scene from version 11 which is included to demonstrate different ways of using the dynamic erection and foreskin system in scenes.

- Small, handcrafted demo scene showcasing functionalities of both plugins in action
- Bugfixed behaviour of Realistic Erection morphs (when erected morph value was lower than flaccid morph value)
- better standard parameters (offsets)
- atom hand rigidbody changed for better activation
- Both 'Realistic Foreskin' and 'Realistic Erection' will be published and updated here from now, but will remain separate plugins (for now).
- Improved behaviour if foreskin is left retracted and hand approaches again - no foreskin snapping any more
- Improved glans morph to avoid clipping (glans is reduced when foreskin moves over it)
- New Jackaroo's Hoodie Morphs with slimmer shaft
- Improved overall parameter defaults
- Demo scene includes both plugins in action (together with VAMMoan and some other great stuff to make the demo scene)
The plugin now comes with
- help in the UI
- improved offset and other parameter configurations
- test mode to preview foreskin movement and debug mode
- bugfixes
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