Rayne Outfit (plus look)

Clothing Rayne Outfit (plus look) 2.0

My interpretation of the character BloodRayne

All clothing was built from scratch in Blender.

Includes Boots, Pants, Gloves, Top, Hair ribbons and Straps.
Blades and Choker are CUA's also built from scratch.
'Rayne' look is a single dial morph, slightly tweaked from my personal version to remove any paid morphs.

A basic scene is included to load look, clothing, and CUA's
Also included are clothing and look presets.
It is strongly recommended that you add the Vamifier plugin to the blades to enable all shaders used.

There are two versions of the Choker included. One with collision and physics and another that's static.
Two versions of the blades are included in the asset bundle so you can pose in 'retracted' position if you wish :)
Heels will distort if you use any morphs that affect feet.



Credits (scene dependencies):
Hunting-Succubus for HS Eye Toolbox
NoStage3 for Hair_Short_Wavy.1
VR_Ren for the amazing Sana textures
First release
Last update
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Latest reviews

Just wanted to say...FUCKING THANK YOU!!!!!! Glad to see BloodRayne is still alive despite the lack of new titles.
I had completely forgotten about Rayne, but I'm glad to see others haven't. I immediately messed around with her Swords, which need to be manually linked, so she could do erotic sword dancing. Might be better to link to elbows instead of hands, but I'm still messing with that

either way, solid 9/10. the veins are a little off putting, but I think they're appropriate, I'm just picky. Her eyes are vicious, which I can't complain about.
You sir, are a god! This is amazing! I love this vamp!
YES! Rayne is finally geting some love. This looks so amazing. Excellent work on the clothing. The blades are on point. I was just wondering yesterday why nobody has made her in VaM yet. The boots are included as well? MrGiggly sure is spoiling us today. Thank you!
Quality content! Thanks!
Rayne was on my list to create, but looks like you beat me to it, and I'm glad you did! Fantastic on all fronts!
Oh yeeeaaah MrGiggly
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