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RayBang! & More Glasses

Assets RayBang! & More Glasses 1

Special thanks to my friend Strauzek for the awesome pose and scene.

Only one preview this time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What's included: Only the Glasses

  • RayBang! Glasses with 3 patterns, Leopard, Wood and Tortoiseshell, (36 options)
  • Aviator Glasses with Gradient Lens. (10 options)
  • Simple Glasses with Plastic and Glass Frame. (21 options)
  • DealWithIt Glasses With some interesting glass shaders (6 options)

Must Have:

In order to color the frame, you mush have latest version of UnityAssetVamifier.cs 1.8 by NoStage3, Download from this reddit thread

How to Use:

  • Add Atom - > Misc -> CustomUnityAsset
  • Move newly added CustomUnityAsset to Person:Head(Not headcontrol) Best use below button.
  • Pair the CustomUnityAsset with Person:Head(Not headcontrol) like below
  • Asset show follow head movement in a decent rate.
  • Load one pair of glasses from Custom\Assets\Supa
  • Select glasses with desired frame pattern and lenses (Only frame can be colorized)
  • Load UnityAssetVamifier as plugin (remember to reload if changing asset)
  • Select colorize to pick color for the frame.
  • Profit!

VAM Credits:

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