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Punny Particles

Assets Punny Particles

This update adds the following:
- Ghost effects for the holiday "spirit"
- Experimentation with new types of fog effects
- Cigarette effects (smoke effects work best at 0.500 scale or smaller, puff effects work best at 3 times or greater scale)
- Starburst 1 effect (this is a continuous version of an effect that premiered in the Khorus scene)
- Shattered dreams and fractured crystals
- New demo scene (scanners) for new scan effect
- And... Paramecium?

ghost 2.jpgcigarette smoke 2.jpgstarburst 1.jpgshattered dreams 1.jpgfractured crystals 1.jpgparamecium 1.jpg
- This update adds 26 effects that are geared towards supporting contributions towards Pog's LOTR Compendium and other creators of sorcerer and mage scenes. These effects are organized by filename to start with "TBAL" = the beacons are lit.
- Also included are 3 versions of fiery eye/iris effects that are now continuously looping, as well as 2 enhanced "for saken" spheres.
- New demo scene: Orbiting Orbs.

tbal shield spell v1.jpgtbal fire wave pulse yellow to orange.jpgtbal fire swirl yellow orange 10 meters.jpgtbal fire ring 4.jpg
This update includes the following additions:
- Time-themed effects
- Halloween effects: burning eyes, witch/necromancer effects
- Glass blowing effect and alchemy smoke
- More effects as shout outs to fellow creators
-- for saken spheres: @JohnSaken
-- vamic particalist: @VAMIC
- Black holes, unstable wormholes and infinite cosmic powers! All within the teeny-weeny living space of Punny Particles...

1694640998.pngblowing glass demo.pngsaken 1.pngvamic 1.pnginfinite cosmic powers 2.jpg

* New demo scene: Glass Act!
This update is a thank you to creators that are special people:
- Magical Maru @maru01
- Fun Whirl, with and without lighting effects @Fonewearl
- Pun Daddy @pogdaddy
- Chasing the Spectrum, four variants @mspeck01
- New plasma fire and frozen "let it go" effects, and more...
- All effects are scalable in size, plasma fire for example can be scaled to hand size
- Added a new demo scene for the new effects: Creator Demo.

magical maru 01.jpgfun whirl v2 with lights.jpgpun daddy 1.jpgchasing the spectrum 4.jpgchasing the spectrum 1a.jpglet it go 10.jpg
This update adds 6 new frozen fractals all around (let it go) as well as:
- A new Tron effect
- Splash Dance
- Fingertips of Merlin
- Glitch in the Matrix (2 variants)
- Starman
- Ghost in the Shell
- Old Geezer
- and the ever popular, don't be "a Thor in my ass"
let it go 6.jpglet it go 5.jpglet it go 9.jpgtron 2.jpgfingertips of merlin.jpgglitch in the matrix 2.jpgstarman.jpgold geezer 1.jpga thor in my ass.jpg
This update adds 15 new effects:
- Let it go (frozen theme)
- Plasma fires
- Firewall protections
- Electromagnetic pulse
- Space junk
- New demo scene "demonstrative" and more pun-themed effects

light the propain.pngelectromagnetic pulse.pngdormammua.pnglet it go 1.jpg
This update adds the following effects:
- love tunnel (with or without built-in lights)
- energy ribbon
- energy cocoon
- Three variations of leaf falling effects, one with colliders (leave it to me 2)
- monsters in the sky (guess which creator this is a shout out to)
- other secret monster effects
love tunnel.jpgenergy ribbon golden 1.jpggolden cocoon 1.jpgleave it to me 3.jpgmonsters in the sky 1.jpg
This update adds particle effects as featured in "The Continuing Voyages" movie, as well as:
- dye lithium
- energy hurricane
- energy whirlwind
- falling frontier 1
- eclipse of mars (see new demo scene)

dye lithium.jpgenergy hurricane purple.jpgenergy whirlwind.jpgfalling frontier 1.jpgeclipse of mars.jpg
* Please note that Vger 23 works best at large distances and at larger scale settings. See "The Continuing Voyages" for an example setup.
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