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It was pointed out that the L-R_MIrror plugin does not work properly when applied to Male Person. The same problem occurred with this plug-in, so it was fixed.
Improved performance in poses that didn't work well.
Please forgive me if some poses still don't work.

Sample pose: klphgz.Standing_Pose(001-256).2: [Standing Pose 001-256]/120

New version (var.3)
L-R_Swap var3 sample1.png

Old version (var.2)
L-R_Swap var3 sample2.png
1) L-R_Swap is now executed by a trigger like UIButton.
2) It can also be loaded as an Atom or scene plug-in other than Person. However, the target of Swap is only Person.
L-R_Swap UI2.png
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