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  • Reverted Embody settings to optimal setup as I forgot to change them back after finishing the latest scene's animations.
  • Animated people have been added to the Club scene to help make it more lively.
  • A second night-themed set of lights has been added to the Bedroom scene, along with a toggle allowing you to switch between Day and Night.
  • Minor adjustments have been to the colour and physics of the girl's dress.
  • Minor adjustments have been made to the Jucuzzi Cowgirl cum animation.
  • Insertion animations for Jacuzzi Cowgirl and Doggy have been adjusted to hopefully reduce instances of the models' legs getting tangled.

The next big update to Variety Hour. Hope you'll enjoy!

  • Hot Tub Scene: Get nice and wet in this intimate sex scene. Take your girl from behind and have her ride you, while enjoying the bubbling water and a mirror to give another view.
  • Attempted to fix a hair being referenced despite not appearing in the scene.
  • Removed an early W.I.P sex scene from the hidden atoms as it was still contributing a lot to the dependencies list even if it's not meant to be accessible or functional.

Say hello to the third location of Variety Hour, the Club! I realised that a nice little scene where you can just roleplay chatting up a hottie might be a nice prelude to either of the sex scenes. Since it's a public space, you can't bang it out right there and then, but you can share a long romantic kiss (and perhaps cop a feel or two). Future updates will seek to enhance the liveliness of this location.

  • Added the club as a new location. Stand face to face with your hot date, who's either really in the mood, really tipsy, or both. Share a kiss or two (or maybe more) before moving to another scene for the main event.
  • Added penis pulsing animation for all cum animations.
  • Increasing the intensity of a sex scene also increases the force with which thrusting animations play.
  • Fixed Intensity setting in Office scene not being hidden with other UI elements.

  • The office computer has been turned on and a laptop has been added to the bedroom scene. Both of these computers will allow you to browse the web, but in their starting state they show a youtube list of various erotic tracks to help get that blood (and other fluids) pumping!
  • Voice commander has been added to let you control most functions of the scene by letting you say the text on any buttons into your mic rather than just clicking them. This can be really useful when combined with the below UI changes.

  • A button to completely hide the UI has been added. You can press the 'H' key to show it again, or also to hide it.

  • Added minor missing cum effect to Office Riding dismount.
  • Office Idle animation and transitions to and from it have been adjusted.
  • Lighting in Bedroom and Office scenes has been adjusted for better clarity and appeal, and to make them more distinct.
  • Updated woman's outfit to use the newest version of the Head Turner dress.
  • Added missing female hip movement during Office Cowgirl Orgasm.
  • Male penis should now automatically track towards female left hand to reduce instances of slipping out of her grasp during Office Handjob animations.
  • Adjusted female orgasm expression to have a less open mouth as Timeline and VaMMoan combined previously would stretch the mouth to ghastly levels.
  • Adjusted Missionary Insertion animation to hopefully reduce instances of the woman's leg getting in the way of the man mounting her.
  • Added cum effects that were missing to the Office Handjob Cum animation.
  • Adjusted Office Handjob Cum -> Office Idle animation to be more consistent.
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