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Penny's Ballet Scene - Be Scaroused, Be Very Scaroused

Scenes Penny's Ballet Scene - Be Scaroused, Be Very Scaroused

** 🎃 Hello! VaMRainey here! 🎃**

This content is part of the VaMoween Event! Find the master post here to take part in the fun, and search this content for a numerical clue!


Epilepsy - Flashing lights.
Trigger - This product contains Clown.
Everyone - A jumpscare. ...maybe? Maybe not. I don't know. It's a surprise!
Desktop Screenshot 2023.10.29 -

You've run into Penny in the old mansion... or did she find you?
Either way, she's taken an interest in you, and she wants to do a little dance for you to see if you feel the same way...

VR experience recommended! And pay close attention, this is my entry to the VAM Halloween Event, so keep an eye out for the clue that appears for those who survive to the end...


Desktop Screenshot 2023.10.29 -

Desktop Screenshot 2023.10.29 -

Full scene video below.
Don't watch unless you want to ruin the experience of trying the scene in VR for the first time!

- This is not a "Hub-Hosted VAR" resource because of the environment. You can get it here: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/environment-the-hallwyl-museum.822/
- In Desktop mode, turn on the AutoFocusPoint atom to improve the visuals (DOF, Vignette, I may have a LUT on there too).
- For best results, stand in front of her to watch her dance, about 6 feet away (the POV from the screenshots). If you come too far forward, she'll get too close to you in the later scenes, and perhaps there will be some unexpected clipping. Not exactly the kind of jumpscare I designed!
- There is a button next to the door. Press it once to start Penny dancing; press it again to stop/reset her animation.
Desktop Screenshot 2023.10.29 -

Huge thanks to all the other creators who made this scene possible!
First, the basis of this scene was several beautiful ballet poses by Luminestrial: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/lumis-ballet-poses-exhibit.36709/
Then, in no particular order, JaxZoa, TGC, NoStage3, Stopper, Prestigitis, AcidBubbles, VeeRifter, HuntingSuccubus, PluginIdea, RenVR, Ascorad, AshAuryn, AWWalker, Jackaroo, Spacedog, Kemenate, Damarmau, CsDigitalStudio, ParticlePinnacle, TToby, TenSTrip, MacGruber, lynyrd2473, and ICannotDie.
Without your guys'ses knowledge, expertise, hard work, and generosity, stuff like this wouldn't be possible. Thanks eternally for your contributions to the VAM community!!

I hope you enjoy this project! I had a lot of fun making it, and I only wish I had unlimited time to polish and lengthen it.

Almost all of my content is free to the community - if you like my work, I'm super cheap to support! Folks who like what I do enough to drop a few bucks out of pure generosity are the lifeblood of my motivation (and my ego). ❤️❤️

Also, I'm just starting out with some premium (I call it "Sy-luxe") content now and then, so if you are interested in crazy off-the-wall original stuff that pushes the limits of VAM (well, I try), check out my paid content too!
For example, coming soon to patreon.com/Syrinxo (very early WIP):
Desktop Screenshot 2023.10.20 -
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed missing morphs, ending state

    Some super important morphs that make the end of of Penny's dance work were entirely missing...

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ok .. "not to self.. don't use vr on first try" :D
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scarry scene !! love it
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This was incredibly well animated, funny, scary... definitely very entertaining and I think a lot more people should download and experience this. Totally worth it!!!
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Absolutely Insane in the best way possible
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Breathtaking scary and absoultely wonderfully made! Thank you! <3
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absolutely wild!
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HOly shit. Nicely done.
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Scary!! Great work!
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Just what I needed to get e in the mood for Halloween.
Thank You
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