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Hi all,

I guess Oeshii doesn't need an introduction :). He released in June 2019 his Luna character and skin.

He kindly allowed me to repackage his skin textures on his behalf and publish it on the Hub for the benefit of the community. The head texture features a shaved style which makes it very suitable for mili or CyberPunk inspired models IMO.

I've renamed the source filenames to support Skin Textures Mass Import feature.

The support link sends you to Oeshii's orignal post on his Patreon so you can download his free character in vac format in the event you missed her.


Original Luna:
Oeshii Luna.png

SciFi / Cyberpunk character using Oeshii's Luna Skin
Same skin. Two different styles! :p
CuteSvetlana.ReadytoRenderSc3.Nikola Character Preview (1).png
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Good repack. The 1 star off is for the quality of the original textures themselves. The gloss, specular and normal textures are only 2K resolution.
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