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Plugins Nipple Clipping Reducer 4

What's new in v3
  • Supports custom clothing
  • Most data now stored at plugin level instead of scene
  • Customize the nipple settings for each clothing item
Allows the user to add clothing items to a managed list. When an item in the list is set active, the nipples of the character will collapse down to prevent poking through the clothing. When the item is removed, the nipples will be restored to the original state. Nipple state at the time the plugin is added serves as the initial/undress state.

  • Add the plugin to the desired character
  • Open the Plugin UI
  • Select the clothing item from the Active Clothing drop down
  • Click the Add to No Clip List button
  • If you add new clothing to the character and you don't see in the drop down, click Refresh Clothing button (only active clothing is added)
  • Click Remove from No Clip List to remove an item from the saved list.
  • Use the sliders to customize the nipples for each clothing item you use.
  • Click the Save Clothing Settings button to update the setting for the selected clothing item.
Tip: To see what your nipples look like underneath the clothing, navigate to the clothing tab -> the item -> Customize button. There will be one or more tabs that have color and texture data.

Lower the Alpha Adjust slider to make the clothing transparent.
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Latest updates

  1. Fix for multiple clothing items with the same name

    Please note this update was done in @vamtaco absence by @DJ, @Acid Bubbles and Discord user...

Latest reviews

This is actually the perfect example of an otherwise great plug-in slightly marred by inconsistent functionality.

NippleClippingReducer works wonders on clothes not optimally designed for physics to help you out, or for clothes without sim physics at all, but it appears to only affect a selection of possible nipple morphs and doesn't work perfectly on every clothing item.

It can also occasionally leave models with the altered nipple settings in the undressed state, depending on you remove the clothing? I can't recall the specifics on this but I've definitely encountered it.

Still, I've used it more than once in my scenes to prevent from nosy nips poking through during various activities, so give it a shot!
Giving a 5 star for idea, but I've never gotten this to work and assuming it's me - when I add the bra with a nipple apply morph in use, the nipple changes to a dagger-like small pointy tip. I've tried the morph settings in the plugin and outside the plugin with no change. Anyone else have this working? If so can you leave a comment in the discussion area please?
veeery useful !
Worked fine at first but now it just crash and I need to restart VaM every time I try to use it.
awesome as always
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