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Looks New hope 2021-02-24

Quick and dirty conversion of Shinteo's G8 port. Did it for testing clones only conversion method instead of premade scripts. Saw some people might be interested with the model itself so posting her here.
Includes model with textures and not simmed clothing. No scene, only app preset.
Using NoStage3 hairs.
Couldn't find any legit informations about her age in game, so i used VirtualREM morphs to age her a bit.
U will need these morphs for it:




Original 'Khamala Khan' game character model belongs to Square Enix and Marvel. This is just a free mod for another game.

Model ported by Shinteo:
Hairs: Nostage3
Additional morphs: VirtualREM
First release
Last update
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Great job trety on shinteos kamala , you beat me to it lol , was going to have ago at this myself :) . its alot of work doing a gf8 to g2f conversion, understand the no sim on the clothes just wouldnt work , maybe the T shirt and the cargo pants but then would look odd , cus of the white arm sleeves and the orange bit being separate items.
Awesome stuff!!!
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