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Miss Hotbody

Looks Miss Hotbody 1.1

Miss Hotbody is a cartoon character created to follow Western European (French/Belgian) comics tradition, like TinTin or Asterix. She has an enormous sexual appetite. You're going to have to work hard to keep up. I hope Miss Hotbody gives you much enjoyment!

MASTURBATION CHALLENGE: It took a lot of work to get her just right, so you better get busy with appreciating her as kinky as you can right now. When you've achieved three orgasms while masturbating to her, you'll get her bonus scene with her humping her yoga ball sent to you! Private Message me when you've done it and I'll send you the scene! This challenge will be open for the foreseeable future, since it can take some time to get that orgasm count. Get working.

Miss Hotbody comes with two hairstyles. One up one down. She has custom textured clothing and is posed in a scene for you to load.

Place the .var in your VAM/AddonPackages and run in VAM.

PATREON https://www.patreon.com/SCAMP. I'm SCAMP on DISCORD if you want to send me a message.

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