Master Raven T7

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Master Raven of Tekken 7.

Open scene files, have diff ones for each outfit, save appearance preset.

Had this model unfinished in folders, decided to work on with current skill level and now result is IMO best T7 model to date in VAM, hair solution ended up as her dreadlocks hairstyle made with sim clothing system.

Like all my works, should expect no-compromise, no-shortcut, canon-accurate, high-effort model that maintain essence of original.


  • Manually cleaned full face+body texs with genitals texs made from scratch
  • 35+ hrs work for bring character to life in VAM
  • Canon face/body/proportions
  • New custom mouth+tongue+teeth texs based on original ingame
  • Dreadlocks hairstyle made with sim cloth, 2 bases included, see clothing tab
  • Include extra scalp in hair tab for match other VAM hairstyles with her natural look
  • 2 outfits ported from game: Special Forces suit + Flower Bikini
  • Highly detailed normal map taken from original ingame version to make skin+muscle microdetails stand out
  • Full custom genitals texs, no autogenerated filler you all have seen 100000x before
  • Sword weapon prop import as assetbundle, 3 variations
Few notes:

  • Smoothness iterations in performance settings should put at 1, higher than 1 cause change eyes shape
  • If have rare issue with eyes clipping, go in clothing tab+remove eyes shadow
  • Skin+muscle detail can adjust with Diffuse Bumpiness+ Specular Bumpiness in "Skin Materials 2" tab
  • Some weirdness in hips/thigh in extreme poses with legs all the way up, have tried adjust as much as possible to compensatte but this is issue with VAM itself, will be fixed in VAM2.x when joint corrective morphs+better skinning system happen
  • Some small seams in edge of genitals area, was able to get most but some parts very stubborn
  • Dreadlocks sometimes can start clip into themselves and flatten, have tried adjust this as much as possible but is only so much that can do with current vam cloth system. 2.x will have more options
Mandatory things:

  • You CAN reference/use this look/model in scenes you make, but you may not use this in paywall content.
  • Do not redistribute or repackage my work.
  • Do not use my work as base for other works (like building new look/texs/clothes/alternate version etc off this for example) without asking permission.
  • If my work (such as models/envs) is use in for-profit things like selling gifs/movies etc on Patreon or somewhere else, write me in credits for whatever model/env you use.
  • You may do small modifications to my work for own personal use but you may not distribute them.

Depend on workload+schedule am available for commission, send message here on hub or discord, neci#5711

For more works by me including more game ports + premium environments visit
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