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During those days when the Wildmen of the North pillaged and raided along the coasts of all the world's seas, their most prominent chieftain Thorvild Greatspear, also called The Endowed, went with a great fleet of longships and a great host as far south as Angvina. He made landfall outside Caeleorn with a thousand wild warriors preparing to take and pillage the defenseless city. And the city of Caeleorn was rich with plunder for it was the main trade port in the kingdom. Caeleorn had not been threatened by invasion for hundreds of years so the inhabitants had lost their vigilance and their city was lightly defended and would be an easy plunder for Thorvild.

The Elven Countess Maerwen, who was the ruler of the city, saw no other solution than to try and negotiate with the invaders for a ransom to spare her rich and beautiful city from pillage and destruction. Thorvild laughed mockingly at the ambassador she sent to his camp: "If the countess herself comes to my camp so we can negotiate in person - I mean fuck real good - then I might spare your city, if she is to my satisfaction, but otherwise I shall storm it in the morning and put it to fire! Oh and tell the good countess to come naked, for I have heard about Elven treachery and hidden daggers." Confident that she would not show and there would be a battle in the morning, Thorvild went into his tent to drink and make merry.

In the minutes just before daybreak, Countess Maerwen walked into the pillager camp. Clad in nothing but a thin, sheer dress, she walked straight through the hordes of Wildmen barbarian pillagers who stopped to stare as they saw her. The barbarian camp went silent and all eyes were on her, a thousand silent barbarian eyes. The sun rose and cast its first rays on her as she strode forth like a white goddess through a sea of dark and grey.

She entered Thorvild's tent and let her dress fall and stood before him naked with her large breasts and well-shaped hips, deep blue eyes and wet, voluptuous lips. She let her white hair flow. "I am here lord, as agreed, to present myself so that you may spare my city" she spoke. And Thorvild saw that she was greatly pleasing to his eyes and she was of extraordinary beauty. He was greatly amused that an Elven countess should come and present herself volontarily, so he removed his armour with a smile and stood before her, sunburnt, sweaty, muscular and tattooed with heathen runes, his large manliness erect like a statue.

She welcomed him willingly inside her body and Thorvild and Maerwen made wild, passionate love in his tent while his entire camp stood silent outside. Thorvild was known for his prowess and stamina and it took all day; the sounds of love filled the camp and all else was silent; his loud grunting and her pleasured moaning. They exercised all known positions and he used all her openings and never in the history of the Known World have two had such perfect intercourse or been so carnally suitable for each other.

As evening approached and the sun turned low in the sky, she sat sweaty and exhausted upon him with his steaming manhood deep inside her body. He could sense the wonderful feeling of an approaching climactic release so he groaned loudly to try and hold it back but she worked her hips and finally took it out of him in a way only an Elven woman can. She smiled at him and looked him in the eyes as he lay back and let her ride him to finish. He finally started pumping his semen into her womb in a most monumental, volcanic climax. At that precise moment, as Thorvild was hypnotized by the intense pleasures of Elven womanhood, Maerwen conjured a magical dagger and slit his throat, his eyes wide and blood squirting out all over his bed.

"See, Lord Thorvild", she said to the dying chief. "I know you wouldn't have kept your promise. You wanted to have both my body and my city. I was happy to share my body with you, chief, for it was pleasant, but I cannot let you have my city." She then rose with his seed dripping out of her and left the tent. "Your chief is resting now", she told the barbarians outside who knew nothing of his death and did not dare touch her for they believed Thorvild would kill them if they did and so she left unhindered.

There was great confusion the next day when the barbarians discovered their chieftain was dead in his tent. Maerwen stood on the battlements of Caeleorn and watched Thorvild's funeral pyre down on the beach and the smoke going to the heavens. The barbarians therafter leaderless boarded their ships and left. Inside her womb, one of the greatest warrior kings the kingdom had ever known was growing, a half Northman and half Elf.


Maerwen in Thorvild's tent

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I love the backstories and characterization you put into your models. That's something that usually goes pretty underappreciated but it gives the characters way more personality I think. Keep up the good work~!
Thanks! I fully agree with that!
and another one of amazing work
Thanks mate! I'm really happy with this one!
HOLY MOLY hot model AND a hot story to go with it, SCAMP you absolute legend mate!!
Thanks buddy I appreciate it! I had some trouble getting her here, but now she is and it was worth it!
The Inkarnate map is a wonderful touch!! Love the story that goes along with her. <3 I'll be careful not to cross her!! Hehee.
lol thanks girl! Yeah don't make her mad she bites!
hot! I like the little details like the map there too :) seems like you had fun with the character's BG
Hey thanks! lol yeah I even made up a land for my Elves and made that map in Inkarnate! It's based on a mod I made for Civilization 4 more than ten years ago when I made up an entire Fantasy world.
The story alone already deserves 5 stars. And together with a great character 10/5
Thanks man! I really appreciate it!
Beautiful Elfette. I love her big b..... Ears <3 <3 <3 <3
Oh thanks!! I think the best thing about her is her big round... eyes...
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