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I saw the princess of the realm only once. Together with her mother the Queen, the princess performed the sacred ritual of the Branch Cutting which signalled the start of the Falling Leaf Festival which was celebrated every autumn. The princess Anuriel was of extraordinary beauty; her shapely figure showing clearly through her thin Fairy Silk dress, her voluptuous breasts and her deep green eyes like Merth Emeralds. I could not take my eyes off her as she performed the ritual cutting. So beautiful was she and so striking.

Eduard Schanckelberg, Baron, Ambassador to Eralann of His Imperial Majesty Carl III Crystaline, Private Letters p.78


Anuriel of Springbrook the Princess of the Woodelf Kingdom of Eralann, heiress to the Ancient Oak Throne, High Protectress of The Grove.

Anuriel comes complete with bow and arrow, outfit, pubes, makeup. Her hair and some additional things have to be downloaded. Check out the Dependencies Tab to easily download them to make Anuriel look as glorious as in the pictures! Now go see Elven pussy!

Hunting-Succubus for eye shadows and reflection, TGC and Maralyn for the velvet boots, Roac for Anuriel's hairstyle, Kemenate for morphs and makeup and Matt Richard for trees. Also special thanks to my Elf Expert Orpheaned for valuable input!

Thanks to Amatsukast for the Bow and arrows ("Bow and Arrow" ( by Amatsukast is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (

Place the var in your AddonPackages folder and run PrincessAnuriel.json


The Woodelven women from Eralann are known for their intense, passionate lustfulness. They are sexually insatiable and crave pleasure and satisfaction several times per day. Their bodies are well-suited to mating; with breasts that are larger and fuller than those of human females, and with vaginas soft as Fairy Silk, well suited to pleasure the lucky men entering them.

Mornan de Garvemontt, Exotic Appetites, p.157


EralannSmall.jpgIn the kingdom there is a most peculiar location which the Woodelves call simply "The Grove". It is a place of light and beauty with flowers and green soft grass, but also majestic trees of imposing size. There is a constant light emanating from the trees illuminating The Grove beautifully whether it is night or day.

Now, these trees that grow so majestic and proud in The Grove live not on water like regular trees but on the juices of young women; yes, the vaginal juices of a woman's arousal are what sustains the trees. Every year, at the end of spring when summer gets warm and the sun rises high in the skies, the trees shoot out their roots from the ground, the endings sticking out, moving, swaying, searching, in their thousands, as they are yearning and thirsting. Some roots are small and thin, some are large and thick; of all possible sorts of beautiful colours.

In the kingdom there is a traditional ritual tied to this phenomenon. They call this ritual The Deflowering. All Woodelven women coming of age that year (and for Woodelves that happens at about their twentieth year, unlike High Elves that mature much later but have far longer lifespans) take the journey to The Grove to ritually mate with and be deflowered by the very forest itself. During the early summer months, thousands upon thousands of young, beautiful women all dressed in white and adorned with flowers, converge on The Grove. Frail upper class girls from the fine quarters of beautiful, clean, safe, urban Springbrook dressed in expensive white dresses and jewelry and elaborate hairstyles, the scruffy hunters from the Northern Woods with bow and arrow, the traders daughters of Caeleorn dressed in human fashions, the farm girls from the plains of Leonora with dirt beneath their nails.

Some lie down in the soft grass and let the roots come to them, some sit upon the roots and ride them. The roots seek out the women and enter them, treating them to divine orgasms and milking their juices from which the great trees get their sustenance. Some girls only perform the sacred ritual of Deflowering once, while others spend weeks coming back for more and more. Bird song, sunshine, the scent of flowers and grass; the soft wind caressing the naked bodies as they are filling The Grove with hundreds of voices of beautiful young girls moaning of pleasure.

Then as the summer nears its end, nights become longer and darker, the roots withdraw once again into the ground to wait for next year. The trees' leaves go yellow and as the wind bites harder and colder they fall to the ground.

Osakar Wechl-Dalmann, "Travels And Observations In Southern Lands", p.277-79


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The current Queen of Eralann is Gweyr III, ruling in her 124th year. Queen Gweyr is considered wise in mind and resourceful in governance. She is still known to be lustful but her fertility has receded. She is known to be fair with blonde hair, deep green eyes and pale skin. She has a literary interest and has collected books from around the Known World to her libraries. She has also erected many impressive buildings throughout her realm; among others, the great Arena for Maldeer races in Springbrook. The realm has been flourishing under peaceful conditions during her reign. Queen Gweyr has six husbands that have fathered 43 children. 31 boys and 12 girls. By tradition, Eralann is ruled by a female, so the Princess in succession to the Ancient Oak Throne is Anuriel. Anuriel is considered wise in mind and strong of body. She is known to be lustful and fertile.

Statesman's Handbook, Public Edition, p.733
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