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Looks Lyra 2

!!!!!!!!!!! Please if you enjoy my work and appreciate the free content from the community then leave a Love and rate this release. I release my girls for free as I passionately believe that paywalled content stifles creativity limiting what scene creators have to work with. It takes the same time it took you to download the look to like it and less than a minute of your time to give a rating but it means the world to the artists putting in the hours to bring you quality releases. We really appreciate it when you do! It brightens our day and lets us know what we are doing is not a big waste of our energy. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!

Lyra look + pose + screenshot lighting as the below as I get a lot of requests for what the lighting actually is in some of my shots, so here's the rig used for the shots below.

Created in VR for VR + multiple custom blender sculpts used on this model (see my guide for how its done) optimised for Valve Index fov

The reshade profile used is available posted by Strelok on the official discord.

Clothing in the screenshots are not included, Hub hosted clothes substituted.

I've used various resources from other creators and as well as some makeup decals I created myself and want to give a big thanks for their time and effort. In no particular order. See deps tab for full details.

Prestigitis - Long curls hairstyle 20200210
Hunting-Succubus - Enhanced eye reflections
RenVR - Kayla
WeebU - Fancy heels 2
Chokaphi - Decal Maker plugin

As always this is a free release but since I cant stop paywallers referencing this I ask only you credit me properly and I get a copy. Safe!

Like, review and subscribe if you enjoy my work, it really keeps me motivated.

Any probs give me a dm.
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5.00 star(s) 41 ratings

More resources from Juno

Latest updates

  1. Hub hosted update

    Quick update to link Prestigitis hair as a var as he has uploaded it to the hub and get hub...

Latest reviews

I think Kate Bush wrote a song for Lyra -

And her face
Full of grace
Two worlds collide
Around her
The truth lies
Deep inside her
Lyra, Lyra
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This is exactly why Vam exists, women this perfect just cannot exist in real life. Thank you for the fantasy!
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Top drawer totty make no mistake⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Big boner time 🍆
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Just stunning work👏 - Where can I find the reshade profile?
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Thank you for such an amzing model. I'd call Lyra one in a million but the stars seem to allign for eveything you do, the quality is off the scale.
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great looks, Juno.This one no exception
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I can't decide between your girls which is my favorite. Lyra is right up there she is a masterpiece, just perfection. ***********************
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Links for the reshade profile?
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Soooo fit, dude thats naughty!!!!
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