Locker Room Size Theft - Furry and Human versions included!

Scenes Locker Room Size Theft - Furry and Human versions included! 1.1

NEW: Selecting a POV should sync the world scale. That is, as the person gets bigger/smaller, the camera won't just rise, but the world will become smaller/bigger as appropriate.

Algorithm1248 pointed out that world scaling wasn't enabled, making the POV versions of this scene underwhelming. They were right! It took me a while to get around to it, but this fixes that issue. I've changed the rescaling from VAM's built in scaler to the ScaleReceiver that's floating around, which gave me access to its "Sync World Scale" option. Thanks to Captain Varghoss in the Discord for pointing me at the right command to let me do that.

Some of the wonkiness in the animations isn't fixed, and the omake scenes still don't work like I want them to, so I'm resisting the urge to increment this more than a point.
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