Locker Room Size Theft - Furry and Human versions included!

Scenes Locker Room Size Theft - Furry and Human versions included! 1.1

A spurned lover confronts the other woman in a locker room. Unfortunately for the bombshell, she's tangled with someone who has a little magic up their sleeve....

This scene was inspired by a porn scene between a tall redhead and a tiny teen. It may ring a bell, especially when you see the memed shot replicated in VAM.

In the interests of my own kinks, there are human and furry versions included in the VAR. There's also a quick omake for each that I've whipped up to give you a better idea of the relative sizes of these ladies at the end of the scene.


In addition to the creators credited by dependencies (shout outs to all of you!):

-The locker room is a very old asset I have saved from the Reddit days, freely posted by Vamfan. They don't appear to have ported it to the hub, so I've included it with this scene. This significantly bumps the size of the .var - I'm sorry about that!
-The cartoon shrink and grow noises are courtesy of
-The growing lady's look is Miriel by sippo.tail here on the hub - - they didn't use any custom morphs, so they don't get credited in the dependency list.


Simply press start and go! The POV buttons will activate the passenger plugin for the relevant lady, although speech bubbles won't be visible if you're possessing them. I recommend watching as an observer the first time through.

Remember that if you replace the looks in the packaged scenes, you'll want to turn all hair simulations off to prevent some very strange physics showing up when the models rescale.
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