Lily's Throne

Scenes Lily's Throne 2021-06-10

I Removed the mirrored slate floor which should improve performance. I also added an actual environment but it can be toggled off from the E (environment button) in the scenes.

I added a second version of the scenes that uses thin version of Hanna which should work better if you are wanting to swap in looks that aren't as thicc as Lily.

Some animation adjustments to both versions which hopefully make things a bit more consistent.

Just load your appearance preset from the appearance preset tab and click the checkbox for locking the preset and go through the scenes with the look of your choice.

I think I fixed the meta json error. There is no need to redownload unless the error bothers you as nothing else changed with the scenes themselves and the error didn't affect anything.
I replaced the expression randomizer plugin in the var with a working one for 1.20+

I have some further updates planned but not sure when I'll get around to them.
1. Turn the mirrored floor off by default for performance improvement and add a button to enable on a per scene basis.
2. Turn off tongue collision in most of the scenes so you don't get that weird movement with the mouth.
3. Remove post magic since I was only using LuT and the additional loading between scenes is annoying.
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