Large Pack of Female Base Skins

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Hi all,

RenVR and mysfelf are very glad to release today my pack of Skin resources to VaM community.

The Miss International contest gave me the idea of creating my own diversity ethnic skins. RenVR kindly agreed to let me use his Female Base Project files to do so.

CuteSvetlana.FemaleBaseEthnicSkins (1).png

CuteSvetlana.FemaleBaseEthnicSkins (2).png

What you get from this Resource Pack:
  1. RenVR.FemaleBaseProject.1.var First, RenVR's original Female Base Project files, reordered and renamed by me so you can easily do a mass import.
    • This package contains a skin base library. It provides a good foundation for the community to build Skins upon. List of options:
    • Base Skin
    • 7 additional Face textures
    • 4 eyebrows
    • 5 eye makeup options (plus natural)
    • 3 lips (neutral, pink and red lipstick
    • 4 Nipple options (neutral, dark, light and flesh tone
    • 7 nail colors
  2. CuteSvetlana.FemaleSkin-RenVRBaseEthnics.1.var my own skins made thanks to RenVR's original work.
    • 5 additional skins
    • Additional Spec and Gloss files
    • The var also includes my Skin presets for fast application to your models
  3. Female Base (Ren) optional .psd file, if you wish to combine different elements to make a Face diffuse variant
  4. RenVR.FemaleBaseProjectScene.1.var The models pictured in this post are not included as I am reserving them for my Patrons :). However, I did include a quickly made model and scene with 5 point lights to preview and test the skins.
CuteSvetlana.FemaleBaseEthnicSkins Scene icon.png
XOXO from RenVR and me​
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These are great! Super useful
These are great skins, thanks to both of you for this. We really needed more ethnic skins!
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