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🌺🌺🌸🌸Kerry - Springtime banner girl🌸🌸🌺🌺

Hi all, its been a while since I last upped a model to the hub and this one is Kerry🌹 created for the Springtime model contest. Hopefully you'll find the other models released by the other talented creators who entered the contest too. Love you guys, I hope you all had fun making your girls as much as I had making and shooting Kerry! Hop on over to the VaM official discord and vote for your favourite girl if you are over there!

This is a appearance preset and you will need to load her onto an existing model - made in VR for VR @ 0.970 Scale, smoothing @ 1 with tessellation plugin to look her best.

I originally designed Kerry using Ren's Gina texture set. I highly recommend trying Kerry with Gina's skin which you all have right? Ren's work is the best deal in vam! Go support him if you don't already - https://www.patreon.com/RenVR/posts

As always please take a second to rate and drop a Love as I cant tell you how much myself and my fellow creators appreciate it and it really motivates us to release more!

Screenshot (331).jpg

A huge thank you to all the creators whose resources were used for this release. a special thank you to Ren for allowing me to include a modified Kayla face diffuse with my makeup added with my releases.

  • Screenshot (330).png
    Screenshot (330).png
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Latest updates

  1. Teeth Fix

    Hey all! In the rush to get Kerry out for the contest I didn't get to be as thorough as usual...

Latest reviews

This really does deserve all the praise!! seeing Kerry in VR is raging boner time. Juno your work is the gold standard all others should aspire to.
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Oh my god what a stunner, so refined 🫶
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Such a beautiful model!! Probably my favorite of your looks, so far. Not really much else to say, that you don't already know. ; ) Thanks Juno! <3
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Wow!! Kerry is just perfect! Not that all your work isn't perfect, but Kerry is PERFECT!
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SSS teir work <3 All the details add up to make a masterpiece.
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Wow is all that needs to be said.
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<3<3<3 B-E-A-U-tiful!
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Wow is all have to say to this, yet another epic model as I'm comming to expect from you Juno!
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Asoundingly pretty model. Shes absolutely perfect!
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Goddamn man how are these so good, Kerry is going straight on page 1 best of all time. Paid content has nothing on you!
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