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Assets Jewelry Pack 3.4

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Latest updates

  1. Adds a pumpkin barbell in silver and pumpkin color

  2. Spooky part 1

    Added a pumpkin item in silver and pumpkin orange. More to come for spooky season.
  3. Big texture update! Reworked all textures

    Increased realism of all jewelry pieces by reworking the textures. I have included some pictures...

Latest reviews

Great asset!

Can I get some guidance on how to get these items to attach to the model? I place them and use Parent, but they don't appear attached like a piercing would. Is there a better method? Thanks!
I recommend using this plugin as I found it keeps asset position the best
Great collection of Jewellery and just keeps growing!
awesome pack that keeps giving! thank you!
Whoa, thanks for this and the constant updates. I wish there were more stars as this just gets better and better!
epic! thanks for sharing
These are awesome! Thank you!
great !
The assets are nice, but the fact that the only way to download it is to go to your patreon is pretty annoying.

Let us download it directly from the in-game hub, and put your patreon link as a second button like others do.
Updated it so it can be downloaded from the hub. Was just so used to putting just the link to patreon.
More jewellery is always welcome!
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