Jax Clothing - Skimpy Net Set

Clothing Jax Clothing - Skimpy Net Set v5.1

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Latest updates

  1. v5.1

    Change license type to CC-BY-ND, now usable in paid content !
  2. v5.0

    -Added new presets for all the items, with new textures -Fixed the gloves textures
  3. v4.2 - Everything still there, check in the presets ! sorry for the broken saves

    - Fixed the socks to better fit in shoes - I changed the set organisation. Didn't know the...

Latest reviews

seriously good!
Excellent, super nice, top quality!
Top notch .
Epic share, thanks for the quality clothes and lots of options.

High quality stuff man, much appreciated!!
Thank you much. Been looking for free stockings exactly like these for quite some time now. Much appreciated!
Super cool, works great too!
Very well done. All the pieces are separate and everything fits all my looks. It's rare to see something this well done, good job!
Amazing! Suggestion: maybe add a preset for the fishnet sleeve with only fishnet material and seams, and not the opaque pieces? Absolutely love it.
Good idea, i'll add that with other goodies in the next update, thanks. EDIT: Done in v3.1
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