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Looks Ivana Bathtub 2020-11-13

I have a handful of models i have made over the course of the last few months that i have finally gotten around to start putting into Var's to share here. This first one is a relatively well known commercial and TV personality that has a rather strong affinity for cel phones. I know there is at least one other version of her floating around somewhere from a ways back. Hopefully the Var actually works and people can put her to good use.

And now some credits

- The model utilizes Vren's nice Mara skin.
- Morphs used included Kemenate's morph pack, Reloaded Lites morph pack, Tenstrips morph pack , Tiseb's foot morphs and Dilldoe's morph pack.
- Hair is a blend of Roac's Long Straight Hair and NoStage3's bangs. Preset was included in the Var
-The decal maker preset for Chokaphi's decal maker is a small blend of Alter3go's Gemma makeup and freckles and Kemenate's face decals. This preset is also included in the Var.
-Base environment is the photo studio from VamXFan , a nice clean spot to edit the model if necessary immediately upon loading.
-Screen shots taken with Macgrubers Super Shot plugin, but thats the only graphical enhancement persay that i used for any of these.

*Reccomendation* While not part of this Var, i recommend also using the Hunting Succubus Female Body Tessallation plugin for some added smoothness to your models.

A few notes on items not included in the VAR

*The grey top and bottom in 2 of the preview images is the Grey Sporty Set from AnimeKunai available here on the hub.
*The jeans /shirt and living room environment shown in the 3rd preview image are paid items that i cannot share so they are not included.

I have not uploaded anything to the hub till now, so if anything is wrong or i forgot something or something in the var is missing or broken please let me know so i can fix it.
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This is a fantastic model. Thanks for sharing!
Nice work!
Cell phone peddler lol Thanks for sharing!
Nice! glad to see you posting on the HUB Soup
thanks. i figured it was time to do so but its going to be a process getting these things Hub Ready - especially since several are still VAC
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