HW Garter with different Sims

Clothing HW Garter with different Sims 2

The public version of the HW garterbelt got an update.

-Seam textures have been optimized

-Bump texture has been added for more realistic look of the front.

-Sim textures have been overworked. Reduced clipping in sitting or bowed positions.

-Both sim variants are now undressable. The straps at the onstocking variant even detach from the stockings while pressing undress.

And you should not miss the 6 additional textures which are available for patreons (from tier 1). https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/hw-garter-with-sims-special-1.6369/

Unfortunately I had to rename the 2 sim variants due to some saving issues. You may eventually delete the old garter belt var-pack to clean up your clothing libary.

Undressing the garter belt:

Picture shows variants from the patreons texture pack:
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