HW Garter with different Sims

Clothing HW Garter with different Sims 2

I completely worked over my old high waist garter belt which wasn't that good. And I urgently need a hub hosted garter belt for scenes.
This new version is completely new textured. I only kept my old mesh.

You can choose from 3 different kinds with regard to the clothing simulation:

Simulation off, for wearing under other clothes.
Simulation with stockings for realistic behavior of the straps with stockings on.
Simulation without stockings for realistic behavior of the straps with no stockings on. You can do undress creatiosn with this or shot cool pictures.

Please let me know what you think about this pieces!

Patreons will get additional look textures within the next days.

HW Garter off stock sim.jpg

Stockings off

HW Garter on stock sim.jpg

Stockings on

HW Garter no sim.jpg

No Sim
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  1. Update April 24th 21

    The public version of the HW garterbelt got an update. -Seam textures have been optimized...
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