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Now, when she changes clothes she will come out and do one of 3 things at Random:
- Model using IdlePoser
- Model using CMC Standing Idle animations
- Model using CMC Sitting Idle animations

CMC Sitting Idle

CMC Standing Idle

VamTimbo Nadia Dance
Thanks to elevenlabs.io for the awesome voice generator! I think it adds a lot of immersion to the scene.
Monica ended up sounding more like a Cali girl than anything, so let's just pretend she watches a lot of Cali TV shows from Canada.
  • 100+ voice lines generated for the scene
    • Context-based on the clothing outfit, and current undress state
      • She will ask if you like her dress, but if you undress her she will make different comments etc.
    • Can turn Voice off in scene controls
  • Re-built scene code so I can make different versions of this showcase, maybe one for Candy...
  • Other minor UI and scene logic fixes
Some examples (I made her say things more often for these clips):

I took her up on the offer.
Fixed clothing triggers all broken.
Will have to re-think how I built the ClothingTriggers plugin.
When packaging, the .latest for the clothing items breaks the triggers.
  • Added SexyWalk mocap by @VamTimbo , credit to them for letting me use their awesome mocap!
    • When the mocap plays, the lightrig will follow Monica, and the ChangingRoom will hide so you can use 360 cameraman without issue.
    • Added SpeechRecognition lines to play this mocap (check legend).
  • Incorporated ClothingTriggers for Bust/bra morph presets some clothes and all shoes. Triggers will run automatically when clothing is worn/removed.
  • Updated feet logic so the feet will always make sense depending on the mocap/posing and the shoes or lack of shoes.
  • Added a nice intro wave/idle from VamTimbo's SexyWalk mocap.
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