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Clothing Triggers

Plugins Clothing Triggers 5

Add this plugin to a Person Atom.
Setup triggers for any active clothing (select active clothing, click Add Triggers), and then setup the OnWear and OnRemove triggers to run when the clothing item is Worn or Removed/Undressed.
This is similar to NippleClippingReducer in how it monitors the clothing items, but you can setup any triggers you like to run.

Credit to vamtaco for NippleClippingReducer and Macgruber.
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4.67 star(s) 3 ratings

More resources from bill_prime

Latest updates

  1. License update.

    License update.
  2. UI Updates

    Changed lists to scrollable boxes to support a large amount of triggers Added info box for...
  3. Fix for packed scenes using this plugin.

    Fixed restoring .latest clothing properly when loading packaged scenes.

Latest reviews

Its a great idea, but I can't get it to work for me. The UI is blank except for where I can select clothing items and I can't find where the triggers are. If I can get it to work it'll be 5 stars.
Click on Add Triggers to add triggers for the selected "Active Clothing" item, then you can set the triggers for that item in the Clothing Triggers list.
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Very nice addition for storytelling, ty!

Would be cool to have a kind of custom delay to when it triggers after removal and adding functionality to detect undress state
Custom delay could be useful, there is a tiny delay and a built-in wait for loading to finish delay to get the timing to work right now. Also, undress state is already detected and should work.
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Fantastic! Thank you, BP!!!
You're welcome!
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