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Added 2 new positions: "Bed Ride 3" and "Floor Standing 1" 🥵

  • Added 1 new position: Floor cowgirl 2
Version 23
  • Added Orgasm animation for blowjob positions.
  • Added sex sounds for all positions where it makes sense ;)
  • Added Orgasm animation for vaginal positions. Will be adding the rest soon.
  • Disabled VAMMoan pelvic slap. Will implement manual sounds for the next version.

  • Added 2 new positions: "Bed Sitting 4" and Bed Reverse Cowgirl 2".
  • Implemented VAMMoan's pelvic slap for more consistent sex sounds.
  • Added missing button for "Double Decker 3".
  • Added 2 new positions: "Desk Sideways" and "Bedside Anal Standing".
  • Added 2 new positions: "Bed Cowgirl Reversed" and "Bedside Ride".
  • Added 2 new positions: "Desk Standing Doggy" and "Bedside Squat".
  • Fixed a few broken positions.
  • Added "Spawn point". If you keep this enabled it should always have the in-scene buttons in front of you when loading a new position.
I packaged the wrong scene on the last update 😳

- Fixed missing "Couch Standing Blowjob" and "Bed Reverse Missionary".
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