Held and Kissed by a Gaintess

Scenes Held and Kissed by a Gaintess 1.2

Hello everyone!

This is the first full scene I've made. Its only about 20 seconds long and its of a giant woman holding you in her hands and giving you a kiss. On the left of the tiny there's the start button and the option for either the tiny POV or the giants, but the giants POV isn't very good to be honest. This was made in desktop mode so I do not know how it will run in VR since I don't have a VR headset. Sorry in advance if it doesn't look well in VR mode.

Credit for the model used goes to Juno. Here's a link to her

If you have any criticisms or advice to give please tell me!

Lastly if you would like to edit this scene and upload your modified version then you have my full permission to do so! Just please credit me in the description for the original.

Thanks and have fun!
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