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She spiked your drink, giving your beer goggles an extra dimension!

Drink the suspicious looking beer to start your steamy psychedelic adventure!
As she strips down and her curves begin to warp into increasingly appealing shapes, more options will appear above the bar.
Enter PoV mode (Recommended FoV at least 60). Press Tab to toggle mouse look. Exit PoV by opening the game menu.
Disclaimer: CPU might struggle with all the continuously changing morphs as your trip intensifies.


Short timelapse of Hallucinogirl shape shifting. She is completely randomized and the sequence is different for every playthrough. You won't see the same face twice!
Admire the hallucinations during a total of 6 minutes of looped animations.


This scene has no right to turn out as addicting as it is! Made possible thanks to the following creators;

Plugins: Acidbubbles.Timeline .Glance .Embody, Everlaster.FloatParamRandomizerEE,
Hazmhox.vammoan .fluids101, Stopper.LightOptions, NoStage3.UnityAssetVamifier,
Skins: Ren Lexi, Hunting-Succubus.Enhanced_Eyes, Tolborg.Layered_Makeups, crimeless.wet_penis
Morphs: MalMorality.Doggystyle_Fix_Morph, Eosin.HandWristArmMorphs, kemenate.Morphs, V2.UniversalMorphCollection
Environment: PodFlower.NightClub_Asset
Assets: Feel.LiquidGlassPack
Clothing: VAM Built in
Hair: prestigitis.hair-20200210, VaMChan.Hair_Pigtails_and_Bangs .Yurufuwa_bob_07, ddaamm.hair_pony2, kemenate.Male_Hairstyles .Male_Beard
Sounds: Freesounds.org, Built in CyberPetrifiedFull


Click 'Freeze look' pause the shape shifting. A slider menu will appear for customization.
You can also save the appearance you've frozen and tweaked! (Inactive hairstyles are also saved. Remember to remove them when you use your appearance in another scene.)


Be careful though: If you pop, you'll sober up!
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Latest updates

  1. More Hairstyles

    Added many more hairstyles. Hairstyle transition is now smoother. Removed Cycleforce glitches...

Latest reviews

Another masterpiece. I've been waiting so long for someone to do a Mystique type effect in VAM and you delivered in a major way. You are truly THE can't miss scene creator on here.
Thank you for the kind words!
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