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Assets GuitarCollection 2023-07-18

Special Thanks
zhfx.MMD VMD Player


I call it a collection, but I still only have Les Paul and Stratocaster.
Oh, and I also have a pick.

It's become like a collection.

Gibson Les Paul
Fender Stratocaster
Kirk Hammett ESP KH-3 Karloff Mummy
B.C.Rich MK1 Mockingbird
Gibson Flying V
Fender Telecaster
DEAN Dimebag Darrell's original The Dean From Hell (Model Data Source)
Jackson Kelly
PRS Core McCarty
Ibanez RG custom
ESP Antellope
Silvertone Apocalypse Special

Of course there is a pick.

Straps are only visible to those with a pure heart.

I don't think there is much demand for it, but if you have a guitar motion on MMD, please play with it.


It is easier to turn off Collision until the position is fixed.


If you want to have a guitar in MMD, add the "guitar" bone to the child bone of "upper body 2", but since there is no bone corresponding to "upper body 2" in Unity, link it to "chest".


Of course, the twist angle will be different from the original motion, so it will be necessary to modify the motion.
The motion in the demo movie has been modified considerably.

The pick links to "rHand" if you are right handed.

It's difficult to position the guitar and pick, but please do your best to hold it cool.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

Latest updates

  1. V5

    Added ESP Antellope Silvertone Apocalypse Special BC Rich NT BEAST
  2. V4

    Added PRS Core McCarty Ibanez RG custom ESP LTD AX-400
  3. V3

    Added DEAN Dimebag Darrell's original The Dean From Hell Jackson Kelly

Latest reviews

This collection keeps getting better & Better with time. now question do you work with paid assets if you do is it possible to add this to the collection if not that's understandable. https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/electronics/audio/dean-guitars-dimebag-darrel P.S Its called the "Dean Dime Slime".
Thank you for your review.
It's the model in your personal icon.
I also use paid content for my collection, but this model is a bit too expensive.
I usually wait for the sale and buy it when it drops below $5, but CGTrader's sale is up to 70% off, so I think the lowest price is $9.
There was also a free model, but the texture is different.
(I think you are particular about coloring.)
If I could just make textures, I would be able to manage it, but I might not be able to work on it for a while because I will be busy with my main business in the future.
It would be helpful if you could wait patiently.
Also, if I have time, I'm thinking of putting together a guide on how to make a guitar asset.
If you have any other requests, please write them in Discussion.
I will think about it.
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Fantastic Work, nothing better than a instrument to play with :)
let talent flow to the fingers.
Thank you for your review.
"Work" in V.3 and "Homura" in V.4 and 5 are the motions I traced.
The position of holding the frets on the left arm is the same, but the finger movement is sloppy. (Because the finger movement is not accurate in MMD Player)
I would be happy if you enjoyed it.
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Awesome work, love the PRS! I know it"d be asking a lot, but is there any way you could make some of those into left handed? IDK if it is possible to transform 3d assets like that but some lefty love would be much appreciated! Or even a Fender Precision or Jazz bass :)
Thank you for your review.
It is possible to create a left-handed model.
However, Karloff Mummy and Dean From Hell are unique custom models, so left-handed use would be weird.
Bass guitar is also a consideration.
(I want her to go wild with a slap.)
However, I think it will take time as my main business will be busy for a while.
I would appreciate it if you could wait patiently.
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no PRS tho, damn...
Thank you for you review.
If there is no problem with this model, it can be added at the next update.
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This pack is awesome.

Do you think you could add this for the next update?

Thank you for your review.
I don't plan on updating it any time soon, but I'll look into it.
The GLB format had textures as shown on the screen, so it seems to be possible somehow.
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Fantastic update.
praise me more (^^V
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Nice collection ! Thank you 🎸
Thank you.
have fun.
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Great job on the assets and the video. Not bad with the hand animation! That couldn't have been easy.
Thank you.
It's like I made this Asset because I wanted to make this video.
But the original motion was not made by me.
All I did was adjust the shoulder and elbow angles to match the VAM.
(It was still difficult...)
Thanks to the original creators.
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Be cool if you could upload a texture version of Kirk Hammett guitar.

Thank you for your quick review.
I never thought I'd get a review, so I'm really excited.

Kirk Hammett.
I will think about it.
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